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Seahorse (SEAH) is a decentralized exchange project that allows users to swap tokens across multiple chains while constructing a super-fast blockchain that has +100k TPS with zero gas fee.


About Seahorse

Trade and earn on the most progressive Dex on multichain.We can guarantees superior speed and much lower network transaction costs.Enjoy the lowest exchange fee, minimal slippage and profitable features.

Creating a high-performance blockchain with high TPS and ultra-low gas fee. Set to operate a next generation decentralized exchange:

  • Easiest and most convenient to use
  • Faster and cheaper transactions
  • Optimization from the bottom up
  • Space Expansion
  • Maximize Interoperability
  • Security
  • Less risk, more reward

  • Seahorse
    Production and services

  • Seahorse Launchpool

    Seahorse launchpool is a platform where a project owner will be able to launch their tokens to BSC users who stake SEAH tokens in the pool.

  • Multi Reward Staking Pool

    By staking SEAH, the user daily receives leading tokens as dividends simultaneously, such as BUSD, wBNB, and SEAH. The more trading volume a user does, the greater rewards he earns.

  • SeahorseChain

    A high-performance blockchain with high TPS and ultra-low gas fee. Set to operate a next generation decentralized exchange.

  • Perpetual Trading

    Seahorse aims to expand its trading functionality and to engage the audience that trades the futures with leverage. This will help to get new trading volume and the additional utility for SEAH.

  • Sea Horse Games

    A Play To Earn gaming platform built on the blockchain, designed with usable NFTs


An unseen crypto organization is working on a fairytale-like plan to build a sea island of their own in the ocean for every player who joins. It's a stress-free, trouble-free place. By collecting resources, players can build their own sea island with various props and decorations, and they can also invite their friends to play on the island together Then all of this is targeted by a group of Seahorse

Game Mode

  • Swimming

    Players can use their Sea Horse to swimming and collect some mood

  • Fishing

    Players can use their Sea Horse to fishing and collect some food

  • Logging

    Players can use logging Sea Horse to participate in the logging game to harvest wood

  • Mining

    Players can use mining Sea Horse to participate in mining gameplay and harvest gems

Seahorse Swap

Application swap is a decentralized, digital marketplace. It lets traders exchange assets across different blockchains.

With more and more people interested in the crypto world, blockchain transactions and swaps are becoming more and more common.

This google spreadsheet application does not have a paid plan - instead you deposit $10 worth of e-gold or silver bugs (the cost will be based on the market value, notice BTC service) to participate in a swap exchange.

The “Swap Exchange” application is an extremely high on demand application in the decentralized finance field, with popularity exponentially increasing among digital currency enthusiasts.


Easy to us

Extremely fast transaction

Diversity of currencies

Seahorse Launchpool

As a new opportunity for all stakeholders in the crypto ecosystem.
Seahorsechain Launchpool empowers you to launch your token to BSC communities.

We are bringing the community a new opportunity to get involved in shaping the future. Whether you are an early Launchpool supporter, investor, experienced advisor or startup mentor, IT focused university, developer hub, builder in the crypto space, or simply a founder with an idea, there is a place for you at Seahorsechain Launchpool

Multi Reward Staking Pool

    Multi-Reward Pool has many interested parties, including Seahorsechain DEX, Liquidity Providers, SEAH Holders and Traders! All of them will get a bunch of benefits. Seahorsechain platform will receive a significant amount of locked SEAH tokens and, consequently, a more decisive influence on maintaining the token’s price. These favorable factors will have a good impact on the value of SEAH.

  • Multiple tokens in return

  • High APY

  • Low entry barriers

  • Extra income for tradings

Seahorse Chain

  • Cross Chain

    With Seahorsechain, user can manage assets across different blockchains whether for DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, and other use cases that come up.

  • Fastest

    Searhorsechain will become the fastest and the most decentralize ecosystem.

  • Low Transaction Fee

    Seahorsechain transaction fee, on average, is around $0.000070 per transaction and payments are verified and settled within a few seconds at most.

  • Decentralized

    There are no centralized registration processes on Seahorsechian, and all private keysare managed by the users directly.


Check out our ambitious plans: as we go, we’ll tick the points until we’re there. What next? More daring exploits!

  • 0% Started $SEAH
    • Project Idea
    • Website Development
    • Whitepaper
    • Building Community
  • 25% Marketing and Publish Contract
    • Begin Dex Development
    • Begin Blockchain Development
    • Contract Audit & KYC
    • Start Marketing Campaign
    • AMA's & Partnership
    • Presale
    • Launching on PancakeSwap
    • Applying Certik Audit
    • Listing on CMC & CG
  • 50% Upgrades and Game Release
    • Big Partnerships
    • SEAH Chain testnet
    • Staking released
    • CEX listing
    • Launchpool released
    • SEAH Chain mainnet
    • Perpetual trading released
  • 75% T1 CEX Listing
    • Tier 1 CEX listing
    • Updating Website & Roadmap
  • 100% Moon Phase
    • To be announced
  • Token Information

    • Name: SeahorseChain
    • Symbol: SEAH
    • Total Supply 100.000.000

  • Distribution

    • 20% Staking Pool
    • 32% Sale & Liquidity
    • 10% Exchange Listing
    • 30% Development and Games
    • 5% Partnerships
    • 3% Team

  • TAX

    Tax buy/sell 2% goes towards marketing and development